Friday, 31 January 2014

Yay ...... we got salmon in Bude!!

Ok so its not a lovely photo but its four pieces of fresh salmon!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss we found oily fish today!

As usual I'm jumping ahead though.................

After my post yesterday, lots of you lovely readers suggested where I could get oily fish. One of them was the fish shop in Winkleigh open on a Friday. How fantastic .... I had to go to the next village Dolton for the day job so could kill two birds with one stone as it were.

However as you know my life is never simple and due to various factors which included an EHO inspection I didn't get there!

So back to plan A....................

We popped into Bude in a howling gale and horizontal rain and I started to wish that I'd parked in Waitrose, Holsworthy and made a dash for it!

Ha ha ... only kidding! (maybe)

After doing bank type things, first stop was Lily May's shellfish shop ....... although there wasn't much fish due to this diabolical weather there was .... drum roll please ..... salmon!!!! Yay!

'Four slices please Mrs. Fishmonger'

'That's £8.90 please'

Next stop Lansdown Dairy where we purchased loo rolls £1.99 for four and 50 Twinings earl grey teabags £2,99. They also have Trewithen Dairy unsalted butter for £1.69, so once we've finished the village shop butter we'll try this one!

Boots for pears soap £1.19

And then North Coast Wines ..............We spent our pocket money on gin, wine and beer!

We then headed back to Holsworthy ..........

Due to broadband problems tonight consider this part one. I'll post the rest of todays shopping as part two tomorrow!

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