Friday, 10 January 2014

Local produce

Today we went to Ye Olde Village Shoppe, well South View Stores to give it its proper name and collected our ordered fruit and veg and again it looked so lovely that I was loath to unpack it when we got home!! We also bought milk, ground coffee, three tins of dog food and fire lighters. The total shop came to £19.80.

Herbs from Guernsey

Coffee from Porlock

The milk is from a local dairy and although we didn't buy it today but on Wednesday, the greek yogurt is from a local farm. I was surprised but also delighted to find that the fresh parsley and coriander is from Guernsey and the ground coffee is from Porlock, so just over the border in Somerset.

As producers ourselves we want people to support us at markets and food festivals and we likewise support our fellow traders, its just that we've also had a Waitrose habit.
When we made the decision to support local I just assumed that we'd carry on buying at markets and also shop in the village, with the odd visit to the health food shop in town and other independents in places we may find ourselves. It never occured to me that there was so much local produce this close to home.

How blind I've been!

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  1. Sounds like a great New Years resolution! Doesn't seem like you're finding it too challenging either, long may it continue!!