Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Kitchen roll and other matters!

After my first post where I mentioned that Kitchen roll and sea salt for the business would be the two things I would probably have to still buy in Waitrose, I got a few suggestion from you lovely people.
Blue paper was one ..... we have tried it before but unfortunately it has a habit of leaving blue bits on the cheese!!!
For the sea salt ... buy from the Cornish sea salt company!
Brilliant idea ......
However before I could get on the blower the 'fantastic shopkeeper', (his words not mine!!!) had made enquiries with his suppliers of both products and is able to get me the salt in 3kg bags when I need it and today he presented me with eight rolls of kitchen paper! Thank you Keith!
I shall now bore you with comparison facts ........
Its 3ply and has 70 sheets per roll, the Waitrose one is 2ply and 55 sheets per roll and as you can see in the photo above it is larger. Although it appears more expensive and I'm sure there is a mathamatical formula using the above information to work it out but as I haven't a maths qualification to my name I'll pass and just see how we get on with it!

In other news ..... the fruit bowl is full again!!
I like this idea of ordering fruit and veg twice a week and everything we've had so far has tasted really good, infact so good that Fridays clementines only lasted three days! The kiwi fruit are ripe and ready to eat so no waiting a week or so before they're ready!
If you haven't seen I've started another blog (yes I know I'm becoming a seriel blogger but hopefully not a bore!!) to run alongside this one. http://whatsinthelarder.blogspot.com 

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