Thursday, 9 January 2014

End of week one!

Once the decision was made to give up supermarket shopping we then had to decide our budget.
Pretty straight forward you would think but when we looked at our weekly spending in Waitrose over the past few months and then the food mountain in the freezer and cupboard there was a debate.

Looking at the figures we also had to take into account that a good £40 was spent on wine and beer, and even on a good week we were forking out £75 on the rest of the shop.

We always have a dry January and so it wouldn't be until February when we had to think about booze again!!! After agreeing that we spend too much on alcohol anyway we decided that if we want to drink it won't come out of the housekeeping in future.

So we came up with a budget of £50 a week.

Its the end of week one ........... how did we do?

Not bad considering it was alien to us!

I did order too many sprout tops (although they will get eaten!), however we emptied (completely ate it all) the fruit bowl before yesterdays order arrived .... something that I can't remember happening before, possibly because a lot of the supermarket fruit has to ripen!

Total spent £32.48

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