Friday, 3 January 2014

Ye Olde Village Shoppe

Look at this!
Please indulge me whilst I tell a tale ................

On 14th November 2013 I was quoted in The North Devon Journal after our village of Shebbear was ranked in the top 20 places to bring up a family........

'There are fabulous views of the countryside. There is still a farming community here as well. We are lucky, we have a good shop and doctor's surgery. we have the college and the primary school, so there is a thriving community. We are well off for community facilities'

Oh bloody hell ......... I hadn't banked on my reception in the 'good' village shop that day when I popped in to see if my name was in lights (as it were!!!)

Oh no ... the shop keeper was less than impressed with my choice of adjective for the shop and kept reminding me of the error of my ways over the next few days!!!!
Joking aside Keith and Ann work really hard at running this well stocked shop.

Like most people we've just used it for the papers and the odd thing we've run out of .... oh, and of course booze ...........

'We're not drinking this week............'

Yeah right! ......  and by Wednesday we're desperate......

Thank god for Ye Olde Village Shoppe

If you take the time to look you'll find they use mostly local suppliers and have a wide range of goods.

Yup I've looked and noted incase I need anything I've forgotten whilst in Waitrose and in times of need sent Chris up there for it!

Fast forward to 2nd January 2014.

Chris was dispatched to Ye Olde Village Shoppe for milk, and mentioned that we were giving up supermarkets and were going to shop with them and with other independent traders.

He returned with glad tidings ....... everything we need and those things they don't stock we can order.

In the afternoon we went up with our list of fruit and veg we wished to order for delivery this morning and also picked up other things on the list ...........

I didn't photograph them but will list them now, however won't bore you over the coming year by itemising everything!

Dog food (oh how the girls love this crud when we've run out of the usual stuff)
Tinned tomatoes - 3 tins for £1.25
Large freezer bags
Cling film

The only thing I couldn't get that was on my list was greek yogurt and that was because delivery is Wednesday and we've had a couple of Bank Holidays in the way!!

Today we collected the fruit and veg ....... which include radicchio and sprout tops, both of which I wouldn't have got in Waitrose. It took me a while to take everything out of the box as it looked so beautiful and I didn't want to disturb it ..... no plastic packaging involved (Ok so the grapes were in plastic (its a H&S thing) ... don't split hairs!!)

So far we have spent £21.61

In Waitrose today we would have spent at least £50 .... and thats alot more than just a pot of greek yogurt!


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