Friday, 17 January 2014

Todays purchases

Todays purchases
Where does the time go? I can't believe we are starting week three of our supporting local challenge!

Today we went into Mole Valley farmers for animal stuff and I found something on my food list - frozen peas ... 1kg for £1.95. Next stop was the health food shop for brown rice, ground cumin and cumin seeds, £2.51 No aduki beans though.
Then back to the village and South View Stores.

Today the fruit and veg order comprised of a large celariac, 2kg potatoes, 1kg carrots, 500g purple sprouting broccoli, 1kg clemantines, 6 russet apples, 6 kiwi fruit and 4 bananas. Sprout tops weren't available.
Also on the list was 3 tins dog meat, firelighters, 3 tins tomatoes (they're still three for £1.25) ground coffee and a pint of milk.

Total cost £21.02

You haven't mentioned the butter I hear you cry! Its in the photo!

Ah the butter ..... when we got there Keith said 'No Tim yet' (Tim being the postman who should be bringing butter!) We had passed his van on our way so decided to hang around and make polite converasation!!! Eventually he turned up with said package. As there was no invoice enclosed we have the butter but haven't paid for it yet!!

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