Friday, 24 January 2014

Starting week 4

Todays shopping

This morning we popped into Holsworthy for a few things from Mole Valley Farmers and also a 1kg bag of green beans for £1.95.

After parking in Waitrose carpark (with no urge to go into the store!) we walked up to the health food shop in the square, Natures Way. I always have the urge to chuck a grenade into the shop to liven things up as the couple in there are less than dynamic. Today was no exception!!
Long grain brown rice, split red lentils, asafoetida, and amchur - green mango powder were on the list. Although they have a wide range of herbs and spices in jars which they weigh out for you, I wasn't too optimistic about the latter two items!

I picked up the last bag of brown rice, couldn't see the red lentils so had to ask Mr Dynamic. No he hadn't any, he must order some as it takes two days for things to come in. Actually you didn't have any last week either and no I don't want green lentils or puy lentils instead, I have  a cupboard of out of date ones thanks! Asafoetida? No he needed to order some and no he hadn't heard of mango powder. To be fair its more an Asian store than rural health food shop item so I'll let him off.
As I paid for the rice I saw it was from Pakistan  and thought how strange as the pack last week was from Italy and I was sure that last week it was £1.46 and this was £1.88. The answer was on the label ...... it was brown basmati rice. As Mr. Dynamic was giving me my change I told him that I'd picked up the wrong rice and wanted long grain brown. No he hadn't got any. He needed to sort his rices out ..............................

There will definitely be a grenade next week if he hasn't done his ordering!!!!

Next stop the village shop.
The fruit and veg order comprised of  6 kiwi fruit, 1 kg clemantines, 350g grapes, 4 red onions, 4 white onions, radicchio, celeriac, 2kg potatoes, 2 courgettes, 250g mushrooms, 4 pak choi, bunch parsley. Purple sprouting broccoli wasn't available and the watercress was missing (we only discovered this when we got home so are due a credit but not sure how much) total £18.98
The expensive teabags, ground coffee, greek yogurt, carrots and firelighters were also purchased for £11.54.
The butter is still on tick!

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