Monday, 27 January 2014

The Rules

Following my post about the split red lentil saga, I had a lot of offers from readers, friends and neighbours to give me some from their cupboards, or to buy and send me some. Others suggested I order them online. I really appreciate these offers but its not in the rules.

The rules?

Yup, we made some rules when the supporting local decision was made.
So here they are....................

To avoid shopping in all supermarkets for 2014 unless:-
a) It is something that we absolutely can't get elsewhere and definitely need.
We're thinking on the lines of any of the food I now include in my diet to keep the bastard cancer at bay!
b) Its for the business and we need to comply with the EHO requirements and can't get it elsewhere.
c) Non homogenised milk for cheese making courses.

Online ordering:-
Only order things online that we would have had to order in the past because they weren't available in the supermarket or elsewhere. e.g green mango powder or pomegranate molasses!
Also included in this is wine ........ Chris is a member of the Wine Society and so he will continue to order from them on occasions!
If something is out of stock in the independent shops, we must wait for it. Ordering online isn't allowed.

Bulk buying:-
I read how someone who also gave up supermarkets a while back, paid £30 to join a cooperative and then bulk bought dried goods such as rice and pasta and had six months worth in the cupboard under the stairs!
We will not bulk buy as this isn't our idea of supporting local.

Borrowing from the neighbours:-
We are still allowed to pop over to the neighbours and borrow something we have run out of  e.g  a lemon. If they borrow from us we can accept the replacement even if its from a supermarket.

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