Thursday, 30 January 2014

We've completed the first month of the challenge!

On Tuesday our fruit and veg order consisted of 1kg clementines, 6 kiwi fruit, 300g black grapes, 500g carrots, garlic and a huge bit of ginger. Total £6.70.
We also finally paid for the butter ........ an eye watering £4.30!
Oh, and the refund for the non delivery of watercress on Friday was £1.56

Keith asked me for his next challenge so tahini paste, split red lentils and long grain brown rice is his mission! Incidently Mr Dynamic in Holsworthy still hadn't replenished the shelves with red lentils or brown rice on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday we were in need of more teabags and milk. Total £5.10

So this week we spent £51.59
For those of you doing the maths and thinking I'm 80p out .... I don't think I mentioned that I bought milk for 80p on Saturday in Bideford!

The over spend is down to having to pay for the two packs of butter which were on tick (whilst Keith sorted out the price!) and in theory would have been paid for out of week three's budget. I'm also not sure why Chris wanted two packs .... we're still eating the first one!

Sooooooooooo we've now completed our first month of no supermarket shopping.

What have we learnt?

If you don't ask you don't get ......... so far everything I've wanted, Keith and Anne at Ye Olde Village Shoppe have sourced for me. Ok, some of it has been eye wateringly pricey but we knew at the out set that the Twinings teabags and the unsalted butter would be the expensive items.

The fruit and veg has been incredibly fresh and more flavoursome than the supermarket and also ripe. ........ no leaving kiwi fruit like bullets in the fruit bowl under bananas hoping they're soften!
There has also been more choice.

Health food shops can be very frustrating!

That making a shopping list for the weeks items means we don't buy more than we need.

Despite living close to the sea, there is a lack of fish available. Since the bastard cancer we have eaten oily fish, in particular salmon at least twice a week. This month we have eaten it once as it was part of the food mountain in the freezer. We need to find some soon, even if its an online order, I need oily fish!

Shopping like this isn't so time consuming.

Are we going to continue?


Facts and figures......................

The budget was £200.
Total spend £164.29
Saving £35.71

Pre supporting local there was no budget and our average weekly bill in Waitrose was £75
so in theory we would have spent around £300. Then there would have been the extras like milk or things that we'd forgotten and had to buy elsewhere.

Its early days but we're pleased with how our challenge is going!

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