Friday, 17 January 2014

Week two

Yesterday was the end of week two ...... here's how we got on.

This week we had to venture out into the big wide world not once but twice!

On Monday the dentist in Bideford was our destination so whilst Chris was being tortured I popped into one of the greengrocers in town and picked up four bananas, a red pepper and a bunch of spring onions. I was also looking for aduki beans as we planned to have red dragon pie during the week, alas the only health food shop I found didn't have them. Annoying to say the least as the pepper was for the same dish.

On Tuesday I had a hospital appointment in Tiverton so afterwards we popped into the town and found some lovely looking purple sprouting broccoli in the pannier market and also bought three potatoes for the lentil shepherds pie which was the replacement meal for the red dragon!

On the way back we popped into the village shop and picked up our fruit and veg order. We also hoped to collect some unsalted butter and Twinings Earl grey tea bags which Keith had ordered for us. Neither was there. The butter was becoming a bit of a saga as we had asked for it on the first day of our supporting local challenge. It didn't arrive............ twice the delivery note said it was out of stock and then on the third delivery the supplier didn't send it. We were getting desperate ........

Its amazing how much butter you can eke out if you don't know when you'll have any more!!! However it finally got eaten yesterday.......................

The teabags were delivered to the shop yesterday. Just in time as we were down to our last six!
I had to pick myself up off the floor after the price came up at £4.60 for fifty. I then noticed they were organic ....... oh well!!

Apparently the butter was being sent next day delivery with Royal Mail ....................

I'm sure you're dying to know how much we spent this week.

Well a total of £34.43

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