Saturday, 25 January 2014

All I want is split red lentils!

Today we had the first Bideford Farmers Market of 2014 and so a great opportunity to pop into the town and pick up the bits we couldn't get yesterday .........................

I don't think I mentioned that crème fraiche had been added to the list so that we can have stroganoff with the mushrooms from yesterdays fruit and veg order!

Well, clearly crème fraiche isn't in demand ........ none to be found. I even went into the co-op, just to see if they had it out of interest ( no to shopping in supermarket rules mean I can look but not buy!!) Nope they didn't have it. So presumably if you want it in Bideford, you've got to go to Morrisons or Asda.

May have to rethink mushroom stroganoff!!

The fruit and veg shop was displaying lovely looking purple sprouting broccoli and sprout tops ....... I couldn't resist so parted with £1.90.

Next stop the health food shop for split red lentils ...........................I can't see them so ask. - please all I want is some red lentils. At least the lady in this shop is alive ...... yes she's got them. She stands on a stall, and rummages on the shelf. No they seem to have sold out. 'They'll be in on Wednesday or Thursday'. She offers me green lentils or puy lentils. I want to scream ....... deja vous from yesterday and Mr. Dynamic. I think I'm in a bad dream.
'There must be a run on them in North Devon' I say, 'I couldn't get them in Holsworthy either'.
'Perhaps there's been something on the TV' she said 'We can't take that sort of thing into account'
Yeah right ...................... you didn't have them when I came in on 10th January after the dentist. I wanted to say but just smiled and left.


All I want is split red lentils.