Saturday, 1 February 2014

I've had to fiddle the books!

Extra stuff this week

It was just a quick trip to Mole Valley farmers on our way back from Bude as Chris wanted coal and I thought that they were probably the best place for larger packs of dishwasher tablets and washing powder tablets!

I assumed that this was the best place to get them from but looking at the price I'm not so sure - £30.89 for the two packs. It was only when we got home that Chris pointed out that they were a professional range!! Note to self  - shop around before we run out again.

When setting the weekly budget at the start of this challenge I hadn't really considered that there would be purchases like this so maybe £50 a week isn't that realistic as it means that a large chunk of our weeks budget has gone on them alone. Bearing in mind that they will both last us about two months I think I need to fiddle the books...................

By my maths (which isn't my strong point) it works out at £3.86 a week so this is what will come out of this weeks budget and for the next eight weeks!

Frozen peas at £1.95 was my other purchase.

Next stop South View Stores, Shebbear ...................

Clearly my challenge for the shopkeeper was too easy - he had got the shelves stocked with split red lentils, brown rice and tahini paste ......... take note Mr. Dynamic in Holsworthy!

Along with these items we relieved the shop of firelighters, three tins tomatoes, ground coffee, sunflower oil and two pints of milk total £13.51

The fruit and veg order consisted of 2 lemons, cauliflower, celeriac, 1kg carrots, 4 each of red and white onions, pointed cabbage, 1kg clementines 6 kiwi fruit, 4 cox apples and 4 bananas total £10.72

I've worked my way through all the out of date  bread flour in my food mountain except for some rye flour so this morning 1.5kg bread flour was purchased for £2.15. Well in date and without weevils!!
It has now become two loaves of bread!

Total spend so far this week £47.26

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