Thursday, 27 February 2014

Eight weeks down the line ................

I was having a bit of a spring clean and tidy up this week ......... only because I was trying to avoid doing the accounts and vat return. In one massive pile on a shelf was my credit card bills going back .... erm several years, (yes I'm a slovern!!!)

I couldn't do a proper comparison as to our spending in Waitrose because clearly some weeks Chris paid for the shopping, however I saw that not only was there the weekly shop bill but also quite a few mid week ones ....... I'd forgotten about these, you know the 'I'll just pop in for some milk' type ones?

At £25, £34, £14  just to mention a few figures I clearly bought more than milk!

One monthly bill was for £588 ...... quite shocking!
In other bills no week was below £70 and the majority were over £100. As I mentioned at the start of this challenge wine and beer was included in our supermarket shopping bill so this explains some of it, although I also saw that we'd had quite alot of wine delivered direct.

Its amazing how much we've cut down on our alcohol consumption since January, now that we can't just go and fill a trolley ................

Today is the end of week eight .... on Friday as you know we spent £46.78 and then on Tuesday we had a top up fruit and veg order of £5.26. Along with loo rolls, milk and teabags it bought the weekly total to £59.88.

In eight weeks we have spent £398.84 and all of it locally!

At the start we were perhaps a bit naive thinking that £50 a week was a suitable budget. As we have found some weeks the spend is higher than others due to the outlay for washing powder etc. and although I then divided the price out over two months (the time it would last) it all just gets rather confusing, therefore we have concluded that working with the months budget of £200 may be easier ................... I'll let you know on 27th March!!!

What we also need to remember is that this challenge is for a year .......................

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