Thursday, 27 March 2014

We've completed twelve weeks!

Well its a month since I last wrote about our challenge and I hadn't intended to be neglectful of the blog even though I ended the last post with 'I'll let you know on the 27th March' .............. I thought I'd have posted something but I don't know where the time has gone!

I have had to go into Waitrose this month but only to buy milk and a couple of things for the cheese making courses. (allowed in the rules) The only other thing I have to confess to buying was some flowers for a friends Birthday. We were going to Bude two weeks ago to do our shopping and I'd planned to get the flowers from the florist there, however there was thick fog and a fatal accident so we didn't get any further than Holsworthy. As they were a present and also not paid for from the housekeeping money I think it was allowed.

It now feels quite normal, shopping in the village and at the other independent shops and not popping into Waitrose. Its a lot quicker too!

I also think that we are eating a far more varied diet than before. When I order the fruit and veg I have no idea how much things are or whether they are available. By trying to stick to fairly seasonal stuff it generally is! If I was in Waitrose and thought that something in the fruit and veg section was overpriced I wouldn't buy it. By ordering blind as it were I have no choice over price but to me that's an advantage as I'm still able to have my 8-9 portions a day with a good selection.

So how did we do with our £200 this month?

Well, we spent £218.61

You can tell that the food mountain has gone down ........ in fact almost everything is now in date in the cupboard!

As we had no idea what budget to set when we started this challenge and rather plucked £50 per week out of the air, Chris has suggested we up it to £60 per week and see how we do with £240 for the next four weeks.....................................

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