Thursday, 10 April 2014

Seriously not impressed .....

What's the latest in parish news I hear you ask?

Well, the village shop have changed fruit and veg suppliers.

Their reason? (not necessarily in this order)  daily delivery, fresher, cheaper and some items pre packed compared to their previous supplier. Can't argue with that.

We've been very happy with our fruit and veg order via the village shop since we started this challenge and apart from a couple of things being left off the order and a very manky garlic during the three months we've been doing it we haven't any complaints and as I've mentioned before we've liked the freshness and variety of it.

Fan fare new supplier ....................

So far we've had three orders and to be honest I'm not impressed......

On the first one the beansprouts were missing and the first red onion I picked up to cook with was completely rotten and mouldy .......  you didn't need to peel it to find out.

.................... and the white onions ........

Well, I'll ask you. If you ordered a kilo of white onions, what would you expect?

Yes, like me small to medium.

Nope ........ four huge buggers at 250g each. That's all well and good if you're a catering establishment but not for two of us despite our love of cooking. Yes we cut them in half and wrapped in cling film but...............

My kiwi fruit felt soft in places but not overall and when peeled were actually bruised not ripe.

The pears which I ordered as NOT conference pears were delivered as conference pears ...... ok it may have been lost in translation. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

The clementines were fabulous though, the best we've had all season.

Next order ...........

Another manky red onion......

Four large white onions = 1kg

Pak choi ... two of which had bolted and I'm surprised hadn't been composted and two of a different variety which were very fresh.

1 kg tomatoes ....... they were soft, sqidgy and battered. Trying to find good ones to serve for lunch on a cheese making course two days later was seriously difficult as although I didn't count them ... (there must have been about sixteen) nine were bad. (Chris and I ate the bad ones after I cut the mouldy tops off )

Fabulous grapes and clementines though.

So to todays delivery ......

This evenings meal was vegetable stir fry ....... well it was until pak choi or beansprouts in the box.

One of the clementines was completely rotten and the NOT conference pears were conference pears.

We did get 1 kg of replacement tomatoes.

Now, Keith is very happy with his deliveries from Edds and looking at the fruit and veg he has on display I have to agree it looks lovely and fresh, however comparing what we've been sent by Edds it looks like we're getting completely different stock....... the second rate stuff.

Against our better judgement we are giving them one more chance ........ if Edds leave stuff off or send us rubbish next week we're out.

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