Thursday, 24 April 2014

Copplestone Farm Shop

Once a month I have to go to a farm between Crediton and Tiverton. On my way I pass two farm shops. One of these is Copplestone Farm Shop, located on a main road and with a large carpark, so no excuses really for not popping in............ I've only been in once before - last summer.

Well one month I fly past in the afternoon and am always running late so can't stop off. Sounds like an excuse? Yes, you're right, it is! I should leave earlier!

This month it was a morning trip So on my way back I paid it a visit.

As I was waiting to turn in I saw the sign advertising English yellow tomatoes and Jersey Royal potatoes ........... I'd made the right decision.

Before I'd even got in the door I was clutching yellow tomatoes, spring cabbage and cauliflower.
Inside I picked up a basket and soon filled it with purple sprouting broccoli, celariac, Jersey royal potatoes and lots more ....... see for yourself!

It was so good to be able to touch and feel everything to make sure it was fresh and ripe.

Also there are blackboards up inside the shop with everything priced and smaller tickets for the outside displays. Also all the English produce is flagged up.

And of course I had a lovely chat with Mrs. CFS.

Now for those of you taking note .............. I'm sure you'll point out that I've just bought a lot of fruit and veg for £17.21 on this months budget ...........................yes you're right...........

However it was  too good an opportunity to miss, as tomorrow Chris is at a market and I've got errands in Holsworthy. Also I want decent fruit and veg for a change!

Soooooooooooooooo I'm bending the rules and this is actually going to come out of next months budget. (its only a day after all!)

Incidentally this last month we have spent £234.88 out of our new £240 budget!

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