Thursday, 6 February 2014

We almost fell at the first hurdle!

Thursdays seem to come around rather quickly since we started this challenge.
Is that a good thing? I'm not sure but it does mean I get to practise my maths!!

On Saturday our running total for week five was £47.26.

We had a small order for clementines, kiwi fruit, cauliflower and garlic on Tuesday which came to £4.93.
Yesterday we bought milk - 92p and then today we ran out of teabags. Not a problem as we knew Keith at the village shop had ordered them and they were due in this morning. Oh guess what? The supplier sent organic ones again. We aren't buying them, not only do they taste different to the normal ones but they are far too expensive! Well we can't wait a week to see if the normal ones come in.

What to do?

At this point Chris had a sense of humour bypass and decided that as he needed diesel he'd go and get it there and then and then drive to Waitrose for said teabags.

Oh no, only five weeks in and we were falling at the first hurdle, a supermarket visit was imminent ...............

I was making cheese and had to concentrate on the task in hand so luckly I didn't have the chance to dwell on it.

On his return, he was clutching 50 Twinings Earl Grey teabags, much to my surprise as I thought he'd buy a box of 200 .......... if we were going to break the rules then at least we may as well make the most of it!

He returned with glad tidings, the garage had saved the day - no I wouldn't have expected to buy them with my fuel either..................... and they are the cheapest so far. Just £2.85

This weeks total is £55.96

£5.96 over but if you bear in mind that the washing tablets, loo rolls and soap were on the list I think we've done alright.

Several people have asked and for those of you wondering, yes there are only two of us and yes we do eat all the fruit and veg in a week (give or take a couple of kiwi fruit) Tonight all that is left in the salad drawer in the fridge is a piece of root ginger and a slice of lemon (in case an emergency G&T is required!!) The fruit bowl has a banana, two clementines and four kiwi fruit in it. Once I've had my breakfast tomorrow there will be just two kiwi fruit left.

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