Friday, 7 February 2014

Week six

In case you can't identify all the fruit and veg in the box which we picked up from South View Stores, Shebbear today -  here's the list ....... the crossing out is the spring cabbage which wasn't available!Total £23

Whilst there we also purchased three tins dog meat, the first in two weeks as the lucky girls have had giblets and lamb breast to eat from the freezer mountain!

Greek yogurt, red lentils, brown rice, bread flour, three tins chopped tomatoes (still on offer) and firelighters. Final total £34.43

So where's the unsalted butter I hear you ask? Surely you've nearly run out................

Oh yes!
It was on the list but quelle surprise ........ none to be found in Ye Olde Village Shoppe chiller.

After giving Keith the third degree, it would seem that there are others in the village that like unsalted butter and he has sold out. We had a discussion about the price of the unsalted butter that he gets and the one I've seen in Lansdown Dairy which is from a Cornish dairy and far cheaper ........ he's going to mention it to the butter salesman when he's next in. Anyway I've asked him not to order any more in on our account!
Eeking out required then until Tuesday when I'm working near Bude and can pop into Lansdown Dairy for some.

More news for you ..................

................... prior to our trip to the village we popped into Holsworthy to do a few bits and bobs including a visit to Mr. Dynamic ........ blimey has he read my blog or has someone told him about it?
He was positively alive and asked if I'd managed to get asafoetida (yes thank you via mail order)  and if there was anything we wanted then to ask him and it would probably take about a week to get!
Ok so today it was just chickpeas and chickpea flour (£3.08) but as you gather I love a challenge and so I will think of something to put him to the test!

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