Friday, 21 February 2014


Fabulous colours in this weeks shopping

We had to go into Waitrose again today to buy milk for tomorrows cheese making workshop and I have to say like last week I didn't have any urge to wander around the store. I went straight to the milk section, picked up what I needed, and left (via the checkout of course). I'm not sure whether I should have an urge .... is it natural after only seven weeks not to want to look at supermarket stuff? Discuss!!
I popped into see Mr. Dynamic for the Doves yeast and cardamoms ........ as I marched into the shop I immediately spotted the yeast. Brilliant! and at £1.09 seemed to be competitive. I asked for the cardamoms. Aaaahhhhh slight problem he hadn't ordered them as he didn't have enough money this week as it had been his worst week ever especially as the Wednesday market didn't happen due to the wind. Ok so the weather is playing a part in poor sales for a lot of traders .... we've found this out too but perleeeeese ................

In a previous life I used to be a manager in the retail sector for various people who had cash flow problems (yes I should have learnt the first time around) so I understand about ordering or not and how you can't please all of the people all of the time but ...................

I also wonder whether Mr. Dynamic is struggling because most of Holsworthy consists of charity shops and hairdressers as well as Waitrose stocking most of what he does. I have only really ever shopped at his gaff for herbs and spices which are so much cheaper than the pre-packed supermarket ones and for chickpea and buckwheat flour. I'm no doubt as guilty as everyone else for not supporting him except in an hour of need, so is it now all a little too late??? When Tesco arrives will it be curtains for him?

The only other food purchase in Holsworthy was frozen peas from Mole Valley Farmers for £1.91 (with our discount - all 4p of it) .... discount you ask??? Yes its a farmers co-operative and we have shares! They didn't have frozen green beans though.

Back to South View stores in sunny Shebbear for our fabulous coloured fruit and veg box order and our usual staples. I know I mentioned it before but I can't get over how beautiful it all looks.
The colours are so vibrant and there isn't all the bloody awful packaging that you get with the supermarket stuff. I also need to show you the amazingly large bunch of flat leaf parsley ..........

The last time I bought a bunch that size was from a continental shop in Cambridge 18 years ago!!
Soooooooooooo with the three tins of dog meat and frozen green beans and peas not in the picture the Shebshop Global bill was £39.92. With the peas and yeast spend of £3 plus before I forget the addition of the washing budget of £3.86, we are up to £46.78.

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