Friday, 14 February 2014

Today we went into Waitrose

Today we went into Waitrose ............
Ha! Thought that would get your attention .........
However, before you start saying 'it didn't take you long to give in', I have to clarify that it was for business purposes only!!
Yes as stated in the 'rules' we are allowed to buy the non homogenised milk from there for cheese making workshops, and tomorrow we have a workshop!
How did it feel?
Well I had no desire to start looking around and went straight to the milk section, picked up what I needed, nipped to the kitchen roll section (I need smaller rolls for workshops - take my word for it) and then queued up to pay.
Oh I'd forgotten about queueing and people faffing!
Then we drove back to the grand metropolis of Shebbear and purchased this weeks goodies which you can see in the photo below! Missing are the three tins of dogmeat which were left in the car and you'll see miso, coriander seed and ground coriander which came from Mr. Dynamic in Holsworthy. He was quite animated again today so I think I shall have to rename him............... Mr. I can order that for you!
Yup cardamoms and Doves yeast were on my list but not in stock!

So at ShebShop Global we collected our fabulous looking fruit and veg order and the usual staples. The Twinings 100 Earl Grey teabags were in and at £5.35, not a bad price ........ ssshhhhhh don't tell Keith I said that!

I asked Keith whether he would be giving me a loyalty card as I'd been spending so much over the last few weeks ............................. the look said it all and his reply 'I've been serving peole for thirteen years and I don't have a loyalty card'

I take it thats a no then!

Todays spend was £44.75

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