Thursday, 20 February 2014

We need to meal plan!

Hands up who thought we'd get through everything we bought last Friday!

Yes, I've got my hand up too!!

If I told you that we were away running workshops on Saturday and Tuesday and at a market on Sunday then you may want to put your hand down!

I actually hadn't taken these abscences into account when I placed the fruit and veg order, and only had a vague notion of what meals we'd eat.
We didn't need a fruit and veg order on Tuesday and the only additions were milk, tin tomatoes, and an onion all for £1.45

Adding £3.86 for the weekly washing tablets means that we spent £50.06

We really need to be more disciplined and plan our meals instead of having a vague idea, however its hard to get out of my 'Ready Steady Cook' method i.e. Whats in the fridge/cupboard?
Ta dah! here's supper sort of thing!

In my defence it is also difficult to plan when we don't know quite what will be on the menu at workshops and markets! Will we need a full meal or just a snack back at home?

Alright I'm making excuses!!!

At lunchtime today Chris and I discussed what the fruit and veg order should be but didn't do more than plan a stir fry tomorrow to use up the last of this weeks pak choi and agree that he'll make curries out of his Rick Stein's India book for a couple of meals. Ok so thats three down and we are 'workshopping' again on Saturday so only three more to sort out .....................................

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