Sunday, 22 February 2015

BBC Radio Devon and my five minutes of fame!

Christmas eve 2014 was on a Wednesday. This was also #Devonhour time on Twitter between 8-9pm. I hadn't planned to take part as I'd had a jar or two (read .... quite a few) however I saw a tweet about the madness of supermarket shopping because it was Christmas and responded with the fact that we'd almost completed a year without supermarket shopping. Well here it is............


I then had a tweet from Michael Chequer a broadcaster on BBC Radio Devon asking me to get in touch so we could discuss supermarket challenge ............

On the 7th January at 7.25am he talked to me live on air during a five minute phone interview about our year of supporting local. 
I was then invited down to the BBC Radio Devon studio to take part in one of Michael's Saturday shows.

So on 7th February at 9am I found myself sitting in front of a microphone opposite Michael Chequer and next to another guest called Bob in a Plymouth radio studio!

Although I didn't feel nervous (no butterflies or dry mouth etc) I realised that as I unwrapped the cheese that I'd taken with me my hands were shaking and I couldn't do anything about it. It was totally involuntary! 

Anyway after this initial nervousness I thoroughly enjoyed my hour talking to Michael and Bob about our year without supermarkets and then guiding them through our cheese as they tasted them.
As you will see there was no expense spared for the cheese plate ..... two sheets of A4 paper!

We then popped into Tavistock on our way back to buy a few things from the local shops and pannier market.

Thank goodness we did ......... 

.......... on the way home the road was blocked by an accident and as we turned back the emergency services were just arriving.

It did make us wonder whether supporting local had actually saved us from being involved in an accident. 

Something we'll never know though.

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